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Amy Dean

"Dogs are my therapy, they make me smile and they make me laugh."   Read more about Amy Dean

Amy Dean

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I have always had a love for dogs as far back as I can remember. Big, med, small  did not matter, short, long hair even no hair as long as it was a dog. I do believe this is why I have Great Danes, Chinese Cresteds and Black and Tan Coonhounds. Besides being in love with animals, my heart is with my family: my husband Jim, son David and his wife Casey and my daughter Breanna who is 15 years old.

When I look back over the years before my dream came true, I never thought 16 years working in a Jewelry Store would go by so fast, but I had another calling and I left. Before leaving the store, my family searched for a family pet that would fit our life style, and our needs.  We found that right dog, and named him Titan, our first Great Dane. He was our special heart dog. No matter where we went, Titan was with us and he never met a stranger he did not like. After two months went by of having our new puppy, we took him to a local store, and overheard a man talking about his dog doing Therapy, I knew right then Titan had a job. So I searched the newspaper for a place to do this kind of training and came across a new business that had just opened in Columbiana, Ohio.  It had a cute name that made me smile. I signed up for our first class and have been training my dogs since that day.

Years have past, and what I have learned I have past on to other dog owners. We lost our heart dog Titan two years ago, but what I learned in those classes with him, has stayed with me and my family.

Setting goals is so important -- no matter if you are going to have a family pet or do Obedience Competition.  Set a goal, work for it, reach it -- this what I do and this is what I have always taught my children. I did set a goal for Titan and we did reach it, he became a Therapy Dog.   During those training classes, I found out there is a world of dog things to do.  Sometime later, we met our first Chinese Crested, fell in love and that is how we started into showing.

My Daughter and I first started out in Conformation Classes almost 10 years ago here at A Place For Paws. I set another goal that one day we would be entered in the Westminster Dog Show in New York City. We reached that goal this past year -- we got that chance with not one, but with two of our dogs. It was the most exciting time to share with Breanna, who was only 14 at the time. Over the past 9 years we have finished many American and Canadian Champions and Breanna has put Rally-O titles on one of her Cresteds. Jim and I are proud to announce that in March 2009 Breanna put a CGC title on her 11 month old Great Dane Rio. Also, our Family is excited to say we bred the Number 7 all time winning Chinese Crested in Canada.

After attending these classes, in my heart, from that point on, I knew what my next goal was going to be and that was to be around dogs. As a trainer, I wanted to help people with the problems that I had with training Titan,and I just wanted to be around dogs. Then one day that opportunity came, I was asked to work at the day care and also help teach evening classes. My dream came true!!

During these years that I have been working here, each dog that has come through the gate is handed a cookie and a good morning how are you.

Three things that makes me smile about my job are:

 1) Hearing a dog come up the road barking and carrying on because he/she knows where they are. Some owners have told me they go different routs to trick them to see if they know where they are. I have always said you can't trick a dog.
 2) I just love having picnics with the dogs during the Summer. I order bread sticks with cheese on them from Pizza Hut and take a blanket down under the trees and sit where we do tricks, sits, and downs. They love it and I love doing it!!!
 3) You know dogs do tell secrets even if they don't speak. I know which dogs eat popcorn with their family, who gets to go in the bathroom, and who gets to sit by the dinner table.

I love my job, I love the kids that come to daycare. I think I could write a book on all the fun I have had here over the years. Dogs are my therapy, they make me smile and they make me laugh.  They say dogs leave special paw prints on your heart and each one has.

                           Thank You for sharing your kids with me.