The Revenge of the Dog?

How many times have you decided that your dog behaved ‘badly’ because he was angry with you?  That he wanted to ‘get back’ at you?  That he knew what he had done because he ‘looked guilty’?  Most of us have thought it once or twice.  Even those of us who know better.

revenge 2 The Revenge of the Dog?

In truth, dogs don’t do ‘revenge’, they don’t do ‘spite’ and they don’t feel guilty for doing things that you didn’t actually catch them doing – or even things that you DO catch them doing.  Placing purely human emotions on a dog is not only wrong, but could mean you are missing the REAL issue.

Just a Little Bragging…

At the end of last month, Dani, the owner of A Place for Paws, and her daughters, Elizabeth and Serena attended the Greyhound Club of America’s Eastern Specialty in Wrightstown, PA and the girls and their dogs did quite well there.

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Dani, Elizabeth and Serena watch judging of one of the classes at the Greyhound Specialty.