Just a Little Bragging…

At the end of last month, Dani, the owner of A Place for Paws, and her daugthers, Elizabeth and Serena attended the Greyhound Club of America’s Eastern Specialty in Wrightstown, PA and the girls and their dogs did quite well there.

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Dani, Elizabeth and Serena watch judging of one of the classes at the Greyhound Specialty.

Elizabeth, 15, won Best Junior Handler with her Greyhound, GCH Arghandab Sacred Dance at Cebar. This is Best Junior win number fourteen for Elizabeth. She is currently the #1 hound Junior Handler in the country. She will be showing her Afghan Hound, Ch. Mahali Windfall Mariner in the Junior Handling competition at Westminster KC in New York City in February.

Miriam and Elizabeth 1024x807 Just a Little Bragging...


Not to be outdone, Serena, 11, piloted her charge, CH. Sirius’s Bolshoi Ballet Electra to an Award of Merit over a very large field of champions.

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Dani has been showing greyhounds since she was ten years old and is delighted and proud that her girls want to show dogs and do it so well.  Here are a few more shots of the girls at the specialty.

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Both girls enjoy showing a variety of breed and have been blessed to show some really nice dogs to some really nice wins. Here are some shots of the girls with some of the other dogs that they have shown.

Ribbet collage Just a Little Bragging...

Do you have any brags about your dogs?  Leave your answer in the comment section below.

Crate & Dog – The First Meeting…

So just how do you go about making sure that you do things right and properly crate train your pup?  First, a few basic rules on proper crate usage are in order.  After all, if you aren’t going to do it right you would be better off not doing it at all…

photo 47 Crate & Dog – The First Meeting…

  • Make the crate a fun safe quiet positive place for your dog to hang out in, eat meals in or take a nap in.  Nobody likes a place where bad things happen.
  • Understand that there are limits to the amount of time that you can crate a dog, based in large part on how long they are able to hold their urine.  This can vary by age and by individual dog.  Just because you crate a dog for 12 hours doesn’t mean they can hold it for 12 hours – they WILL go and having that happen is very bad for your dog.
  • Make sure that you don’t use the crate for long term ‘storage’.  It’s fine to use it when you can’t keep an eye on your puppy or dog, but actively training and socializing your dog is always necessary.  Out of sight – out of mind should never apply to a pet.  If you don’t want to be involved, don’t get a dog.
  • Crates are a great way to confine your puppy or dog when you aren’t home but providing breaks from the crate for play, socialization and/or elimination, is paramount.  Crating for excessive lengths of time without breaks will cause issues.  Issues that you definitely do not want.
  • If your dog whines, barks or acts up in the crate, IGNORE HIM.  Never let your dog out of the crate unless he is calm and quiet.  The ½ second pause between barks does not count as calm and quiet no matter how much you would like it to.
  • Don’t allow your dog to rush out of the crate hell bent for leather.  Make him sit, behave and slowly exit the crate.  Manners matter people!
  • When you come home after having left your dog in his crate, he will be understandably excited.  Take your time, put your things down and wait a minute before rushing to let your dog out.  If you reward the fact that he is barking and carrying on and throwing himself against the crate door, you will be well on your way to creating a little monster dog.
  • When placed in a crate at night the first few times, your dog may complain LOUDLY. Do not open the crate, do not let the dog out of the crate.  If your goal is to have a good night’s sleep sometime in the next century, letting a whining barking dog out of the crate thereby rewarding him for whining and barking is not going to create the quiet crate-able dog you would like.

While these tips are not all inclusive, you get the general idea.  Now, just how do you go about this crate training business?  Stay tuned…

Do you have any tips for making crate training easy?  Leave your answer in the comment section below.

Seven DOs at the Dog Show!

Dog shows are a great way to see lots of breeds of dogs in one place. They are a good place to talk to people who know dogs and know dog breeds. They are a great place to shop for all sorts of doggy things. Dog shows can be a great way for a family to spend the day. So, go and enjoy the dog show…

…and be sure to DO These Things.

These are the things that will make your dog show experience a good one and give you the best chance to talk and learn from the people who are showing.

  1. Ask Questions at the Right Time. The best time to ask your questions is when the handlers are casually talking outside the ring, not when they are rushing to the next ring or waiting to go into their class. It is sometimes best to wait until the breed that they are showing is finished being judged, because it is likely that they want to see the results of the judging. When you think the time is right, simply walk up and ask if this is a good time to ask some questions. Most dog show fanciers love to talk about their dogs.
  2. Do Ask Questions At Right Time Seven DOs at the Dog Show!Do Ask to Pet!  Most dogs at the dog show are someone’s pet and many love the attention of a stranger. It is important to ask the handler if you can pet their dog. The times your attention may not be welcome is when the dog has just been groomed and has not been in the ring or because the dog is tense and anxious because of all the activity around them. On the other hand, many breeders and owners bring their dog to the dog show for additional socialization and they will welcome your petting and compliments. Just ask first!
  3. Do Ask To Pet Seven DOs at the Dog Show!Do Bring Your Own Chair!  There is a lot of walking around and exploring to be done at the dog show but the best vantage point is sitting down and focusing on one breed or one ring for an extended period of time. Here is where things will start to come together and make sense. Plus it’s great to just sit in one spot to people and dog watch and wait for the drama to unfold.
  4. Do Bring A Chair Seven DOs at the Dog Show!Do Take Pictures!  Whether you use your iphone or a high end DSLR, the dog show is a great place to take pictures. Dog pictures are super to capture here, of course, but people pictures are fun to at the dog show too. Again, be sure to ask before your stick the camera in the nose of one of those prize winners, but don’t worry, most people will be delighted to pose their champion for you.
  5. Do Take Pictures2 Seven DOs at the Dog Show!Do Stay to Watch the Groups!  At most dog shows, the groups start around 2 to 3 o’clock and they are the high point of the show for most people. Unless you are only interested in one breed (in which case you should check the schedule and be sure to watch that breed), the group is the thing to watch. One of each breed entered at the dog show (the Best of each Breed) will be shown in the group so it’s a great place to see all of your favorites. The groups are also a great time to express your opinion BY CLAPPING. Cheer on the dogs that you like the best. Everyone has an opinion at the dog show, this gives you a great chance to state yours!
  6. Do Watch Groups2 Seven DOs at the Dog Show!Do Get a Catalog! All the information at the dog show is gathered in the catalog. All of the breeds entered are listed here and the schedules of when each breed will be shown. The catalog lists all of the entrants in a particular breed as well. It tells you when and where everything will take place. And it is great fun reading all of the weird and wonderful names that  dog people name their dogs.
  7. IMG 8684 e1406598542441 Seven DOs at the Dog Show!Do Shop at the Vendor Booths!  At A Place for Paws, we encourage shopping at the vendor booths. You will find lots of interesting doggy things and lots of advice. From toys to treats, from food to shampoo, you should plenty of things for your dog. There are also loads of things for you that depict your dog, including t-shirt, key chains and calendars. Have fun exploring and buy a few things to take home.Do Shop Seven DOs at the Dog Show!

So go to the dog show to enjoy the dogs and people, cheer on favorites, learn about some new breeds and shop for your favorite pooch. Have fun!

Question: If you go to dog shows, what do you enjoy most?  Leave your answer in the comment section below.