What Does Your Dog Love?

20 Rewards to Motivate Your Dog

From teaching you dog to come to you to training tricks, it is all easier if you are using rewards that your dog loves. Finding the right motivator can change a ho-hum practice session to a super training experience. Changing from one reward to another can add excitement and interest to your training time for both your dog and you.

well behaved

Here are the top 20 rewards that our clients use at A Place for Paws.


The first and most obvious motivator is a food reward. They are easy to give and fast to use and for most dogs they are very high value. Use real small pieces and a little goes a long way. There are many commercial treats available, both hard and semisoft, but your dog may work well for other options as well. Here are some options:

  1. Dog Food Kibble
  2. Cheese
  3. Hot Dogs
  4. Vegetables
  5. Cheerios


Praise is a very effective method of reward for some dogs. These are the dogs that just love to please and enjoy the attention that comes from praise. Praise should be given in an energetic and happy tone. Many dogs will respond well to these types of praise:

  1. “Good Dog.”
  2. Happy Talk


For some dogs, one of the best things you can offer is your touch. This is generally the dog that yearns to make contact, to be very close physically or needs to reassurance that touch provides. While it takes a few seconds longer then treating or praise, it is well worth it for the dog that loves it. A few possible touch rewards are:

  1. Petting
  2. Belly Rub
  3. Scratching
  4. Massage


If your dog is toy, ball or play motivation, he will do anything for one more throw or one more tug. This provides you with the perfect time to practice his training. Using Play as a reward does take extra time but it makes the training so fun for both of you. Here are a few play rewards we use:

  1. Fetch
  2. Tug
  3. Chase
  4. Squeaky Toy

Life Rewards

By far one of the best motivators for training your dog throughout the day is to use the things he looks forward to doing as rewards.  While these are not as useful for an ongoing training session, it certainly will give you opportunities to reinforce behaviors and build diversity into your dog’s training experience.

  1. A Walk
  2. A swim
  3. Getting on the couch
  4. Go Play
  5. Greeting People

Make training fun and rewarding for you and your dog by using a variety of motivators and testing new things to find out what your dog loves.

What are your dog’s favorite rewards?

Introducing a New Shipping Option

Over the years, our shipping option has been singular.  We charge our customer just what UPS charges us to ship to them.  A simple passing along of the cost.  Unfortunately, UPS rates can seem a little high when one is only ordering our non raw items.  Certainly, when ordering frozen food as well as treats, we have the option of combining the shipment to keep shipping costs on the dry goods very low.  This doesn’t work, however, when only non raw items are needed.

Now order all the non raw items that you want for shipment costs of only $7.50 for orders over $25.00 – what a deal!!!

To combat this phenomena we are introducing flat rate shipping on all orders of non raw items over $25.  That’s right – you can order treats, toys, training tools, supplements etc., and have it shipped to you for the low low rate of $7.50!  When ordering in conjunction with our raw frozen products the lowest shipping rate will be applied as always.  In general combining the orders results in a lower ship rate than even the $7.50 but cheapest method will win in the end!

We hope that this will make it more economically feasible for people who simply need non raw items and no food at any given time.  Its our hope that this will ease the burden of shipping and help you to help yourself to our huge array of supplements, treats, toys and training aids!


Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED Cooler!

Since A Place For Paws began shipping our raw food to people all over this great land of ours, we have utilized a standard styrofoam cooler that perfectly fit our needs.  Though not exceptionally good for the environment, it was the only thing we found that would keep our food fresh and frozen on its way to you.  The containers fit perfectly and the variety of sizes fit our needs well.  As time passed, the cost of these coolers kept going up and up and UP!

We originally were able to allow people to choose whether they wanted to return our coolers to us – if they responded in the affirmative we wouldn’t charge them expecting that the cooler would be back in our possession to use again on another order.  Unfortunately, while people had good intentions, approximately 60% of those coolers never returned home :-(  This made us sad and led us to search for another option.  With costs rising, we chose to institute a method by which EVERYONE was charged exactly the same amount for the coolers with one caveat – you return it, you get credited right back the amount that you spent.  On the flipside, we didn’t have to incorporate the cost of the cooler into our food prices and seemed to get far more coolers back with the credit incentive than we once did.

Then the saga took a turn…..the prices were STILL going up.  Purchasing those coolers and having them shipped to us was costing FAR more than we were charging for the actual coolers….it seemed that a price increase was imminent….Until…

We discovered a way to keep our costs right where they were without raising ANYTHING as well as a way to be more environmentally friendly – we would make our own!  Its took some research and a little bit of math work and a whole lot of time but the end result made it well worth the struggle and better still?  Our prices could remain the same.

Our new coolers now consist of a cardboard box with foam liners that are easy to assemble and just as easy to

Our new and improved coolers consist of a standard cardboard box with 1 1/2″ foam panels lining the interior

disassemble.  We simply cut the foam to fit the box and each box is the equivalent of one of our old style coolers.  UPS is happy because they can place these boxes on their conveyor belts at the distribution centers – that means perhaps less tossing and therefore less breakage.  You, the customer, can be happy knowing that your food will get to you in the same shape it always did and that if you choose to not return the cooler, these flat panels are far easier to break down for recycling than the solid coolers ever were or could be.  We now have a way to get your food to you but keep the prices down which we know makes everyone happy!

No worries – the styrofoam used in these boxes is just as thick and reliable as the old style was – there’s really not a difference at all so no need to fear damage or thawing as a result of the change.  They are also just as returnable as our old coolers were.  They contain your name and cooler charge so that we know who to credit when the Post Office brings it back to us.  We reuse them just the same and the beauty is that even if the box is ripped or damaged, the foam panels are not and so can easily be placed in a different cardboard box!

So while you may still receive the occasional “Old Style” cooler (we will use them until they DIE!), you soon will be seeing our fancy new and improved design on your doorstep.  Everything works just the same – its no more expensive and no more of a hassel – just tape that box up and send it on back to us if you choose to do so.  We, and the

Don’t be surprised when your food arrives in what seems to be an ordinary carboard box – its really a cooler in disguise!

environment, appreciate your thoughtfulness.  If you choose not to return it, no problem!  We won’t even know – its a personal decision and one that you are free to make on your own.

We are eager to hear any feedback that you might have for us – good, bad, ugly – we want to know how this is working out for you as well.  If you love it, hate it, are indifferent – just let us know and we’ll address any and all concerns just as quickly as we can or explain something that seems unclear.  All in all we think that this will be a positive change for everyone involved – you will still be able to receive your pet’s food in great condition AND still be able to enjoy APFP low prices without the addition of hidden costs or surcharges like what so many other companies do.  We want to be upfront with you and in return we promise you the best customer service and personal attention that we can give.