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Why should I feed tripe to my dog? PDF Print E-mail
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Tripe Stinks.

There is no doubt about it.

When it is in your refrigerator, you know it! And so do your dogs!  So why feed the stinky stuff? Simply put, it is, without question, one of the best foods you can feed your pet. It contains lots of digestive enzymes and helpful bacteria. It contains predigested vegetable matter. It is safe for dogs who have not been on a raw diet and the perfect food to start your puppies on.

Tripe is sold in stores for human consumption in a bleached white form. This tripe has all the good stuff processed out of it. It doesn’t smell as bad though! The tripe you want for your pet is Raw Green Tripe. We buy ours at the meat processing plant, fresh out of the cow. So you get the best stinky stuff we can get for your dog.