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General Interest

Dogs  no longer have to be registered purebreds to compete at dog shows. In fact most organizations now offer awards, competition and titles to mixed breed and unregistered purebred dogs.

All dogs, of any breed or mix, registered or not, are eligible to take AKC’s Canine Good Citizen test, the TDI and Delta Therapy Dog tests and the ATTS Temperament test. So if therapy work is what you are interested in don’t let your dog’s unknown background stop you!  If you wish to have your dog's CGC certification added to his name as a title with the AKC, you will have to register your dog with the organization as an AKC Canine Partner (mixed breed) or PAL (purebred, unregistered, no papers).

The United Kennel Club (UKC,) in recent years  has allowed spayed and neutered mixed breeds to compete and receive titles in all events except conformation with “Indefinite Listing Privilege or ILP numbers.

The United States Dog Agility Association  (USDAA) which is the oldest American agility club has always welcomed mixed breeds to compete at their trials for agility titles. The North American Dog Agility Club (NADAC) also has always  had a “mix breed friendly” policy.

Both the United Schutzhund Club of American (USA) and DVG America Schutzhund club allow all breeds to be registered and compete for titles in schutzhund as well as titles in Obedience only and Tracking only.

Mixed breeds have also proven themselves as real working dogs herding livestock on farms, finding lost people as search and rescue dogs, assisting handicap owners as service dogs and any other dog job you can think of.

The AKC , through their Canine Partners and PAL program, now allows registered mixed breed dogs and purebred but paperless dogs to compete in agility, obedience and rally obedience as well as Coursing Aptitude Tests (CAT).  For PAL dogs this can also allow them to course, hunt and participate in herding tests as well.

How Do I Get Started?

For more information:
American Mixed Breed Obedience Registry
805-226-9275  www.amborusa.org
United Kennel Club
269-343-9020 www.ukcdogs.com
United Sates Dog Agility Association
972-487-2200  www.usdaa.com
N. American Dog Agility Council
United Schutzhund Club
DVG America
Am. Temperament Test Society
American Kennel Club (CGC, ILP)
212-696-8200 www.akc.org